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Video Resources Available for Use
in Your Practice.

We are excited to bring you new video resources that address the myopia epidemic and how we can partner with you to provide exceptional treatment options. These resources share the vision and life-altering benefits that Paragon CRT® Contact Lenses provide to your patients.

Contact us for more info and how to use these new resources in your office.

Protecting Your Child’s Potential
Children with myopia can suffer both academically and socially. This video dramatizes the personal impact of myopia as well as the powerful benefits that Paragon CRT® can have on the lives of children as they develop into young adults.
What is Myopia?
This video speaks directly to consumers about the causes, symptoms, and the alarming statics surrounding the global myopia epidemic. The story of myopia and how Paragon CRT® addresses this serious health issue is told in a concise, visually impactful way.
Patient Testimonials
Who better to talk about the life-changing impact of Paragon CRT® Contact Lenses than the patients whose lives have been changed. This video tells the story of the powerful role that Paragon CRT® plays in patient’s lives.
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